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Household accessories holders

Model: YZF-812

Material: Touchable Silicone

Size(lemon style): 115*176*40mm

Size(claw style): 128*175*40mm

N.W./Pcs: 85g/95g

Color: Customized

Package: PE bag / customized

Pcs/Ctn: 200pcs

Ctn Size: 46*36*31cm

G.W.: 18kg/19kg

MOQ: 800pcs

Delivery Period: 10days

Product Description

Household accessories holders

Let's say goodbye to the punch and sticky era from now on.

New generation vacuum holders are designed with patent passed.

Only needs vacuum negative pressure suction.

Easy to press on and take off for cleaning.

Are those convenient for your life?

The advantages of our silicone toothbrush holder is produced by FDA silicone material:

The advantages of our silicone toothbrush holder is produced by FDA silicone material:

1. Softness

2. Odorless

3. Non-toxic

4. No irritation to skin

5. Anti-slip, Anti-bacterial, Anti-oxidation, Anti-chemical corrosion

6. Aging resistance

7. Never deform after used

8. Long using lifespan more than 10 years

9. ...

Household accessories holders

The body of toothpaste holder is smooth with 3 style of lemon, bear paw and cat paw for colorful life lives better.

No matter of lemon or cat paw and bear paw styles are formed two times separately during the production.

The softness and high elastic silicone material gives your safety compared with plastics, wood, ceramics...

The 12 small holes at bottom can easily leak liquid and bacteria have nowhere to hide.

Each vacuum holder has undergone extremely strict quality inspection of IQC, IPQC, FQC and OQC for no complaining feedbacks from your customers.

Installation methods for bathroom accessories holders:

Installation methods for bathroom accessories holders:

1. Clean the mounting surface with a fabric.

2. Tear off the packaging film from back of the product.

3. Use hands to press for expelling excess air.

4. Put things to the vacuum holder will be ok.

Household accessories holders

Since this holder is vacuumm-sucked, you can take if off at any time and put it under the tap to rinse it clean.

In addition, our vacuum holder also has the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance from -40℃ to +280℃ that you may sterilize in many ways, such as: put it into the boiling water, microwaver and sterilizing cabinet, ect.

Household accessories holders

There are many places can be used, such as: glass windows, ceramic tile, mirror, refrigerator door... However, this holder is not sutable for matte, impurity, uneven walls, wood materials, steel materials, mosaic walls, matt surfaces and other non-glossy places.

Household accessories holders

It may be because dust on the panel surface affects the sucking force if the silicone vacuum holder can't be sucked, at this time, you can wipe the panel surface and holder back with a damp fabric firstly before using a dry fabric to clean it.

Note: Be sure to use a dry rag, not paper towels, cause fibers on the paper towels will stick to the sucking surface and affect suction force!

The logo, color, inner packings can be customized according to your requirements. Meanwhile, ideas sent us for developing your new private silicone products are designed for free by our senior development designers. Of course, it will be much better if finished draft files sent to us.


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