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Sphere ice mold

Model: YZF-614

Material: FDA Silicone

Size: Θ54*85mm

N.W./Pcs: 56g

Color: Customized

Package: PE bag + Colorbox

Pcs/Ctn: 800pcs

Ctn Size: 42*32*33cm

G.W.: 10kg

MOQ: 800pcs

Delivery Period: 10days

Product Description

Sphere ice mold

Creative UFO ice ball made mold that designed with heart for steady durable use.

Live a better life for you with careful ample heart.

Can hold diverse drinks, taste elegent life.

Functions are what we need.

Facial attractiveness is righteousness.

Furthermore, the silicone ice ball mold has passed patent for the consideration of your marketing profit.

100% superior FDA liquid silicone produced advantages:

100% superior FDA liquid silicone produced advantages:

1. Softness

2. Odorless

3. Non-toxic

4. No irritation to skin

5. Entire eco-friendly for protecting our earth much better

6. Anti-slipped

7. Anti-oxidation

8. Anti-bacterial

9. Anti-chemical corrosion

Liquid silicone also has more good points...

Sphere ice mold

The thread mouth designs of sphere ice mold has excellent air tightness.

The 3 foot tips can stand firmly without any harms to the surface of tables due to the trait of anti-slip.

The rigorous sealing structure can lock in the smell tightly without leaking when you put to freeze.

The nice elastic tenacity makes you can release finished ice ball easily.

Besides, each sphere ice cube molds has been gone through IQC, IPQC, FQC and OQC until final products rest assured by you.

Operation steps of round ice cube molds:

Operation steps of round ice cube molds:

Insert filter into the molding top hole before liquid drinks inflows.

Put it into the refrigerator for freezing.

Press mold to let ice ball out.

Clip ice ball into the drinks cup and take your time!

Sphere ice mold

Just need one flushing rinse will be clean while it also has many sterilizing methods: put into boilling water, microwaver, disinfection cabinet...

Sphere ice mold

The color, logo, inner packings can be customized according to your requirements. Meanwhile, a non-disclosure agreement will be signed between us before our senior development designers assist you to finish draft files if you want to develop your own products to reduce marketing competition for enlarge your profit better.

Our advantages of development:

Our advantages of development:

4-6 styles new products will be developed out per months by our 4 senior developers who in the line of silicone products more than 20 years. Besides, those new products have got patents.

Goods delivery time guaranteed:

The production time will be advance 7 days for any extra demands of your side in case to be prepared for. We have signed contract with workers that the salary of every dempartments will be discounted by 90% if don't finish with quality guaranteed in time.

Efficient Communication:

Feedbacks will be the first time to your information during the period of product's inquiry, details confirmation or negotiation due to we know time is your money.


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