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Wine stopper

Model: YZF-613

Material: FDA Silicone

Size: Θ60*35*3.2mm

N.W./Pcs: 33g

Color: Customized

Package: PE bag / Customized

Pcs/Ctn: 250pcs

Ctn Size: 42*32*33cm

G.W.: 10kg

MOQ: 1500pcs

Delivery Period: 10days

Product Description

The advantages of our wine plugs:

The advantages of our wine plugs:

1. Softness

2. Odorless

3. Non-toxic

4. Anti-slipped

5. Anti-bacterial

6. Anti-oxidation

7. Aging resistance

8. Good elastic tenacity

9. No irritation to skin

10. Long lifespan more than 10 years


Wine stopper


Reuse utilizing

Taste exquisite life

Keep initial feelings

Design with heart

Safe and durable

Although red wine is delicious, don't be greedy

Hardly finish drinking once time?

Just leave it to me will be ok.

Wine stopper

Creative magic hat designs for improving art life.

Up big and small down shapes wine stopper saving force to plug and unplug conveniently.

The thread design strengthens air tightness and is suitable for almost any wine or beverage bottles.

Wine stoppers for wine bottles is seamless and vacuum, even if stood upside down, there will be no dripping of alcohol, not to mention the volatilization of alcohol.

Quality inspection of each wine stoppers is experienced IQC, IPQC, FQC and OQC until final products be satisfied you.

One flushing rinse will be clean. Isn't it convenient to wash?

One flushing rinse will be clean. Isn't it convenient to wash?

Besides, wine stoppers vacuum can be sterilized by boiling water, microwaver, disinfection cabinet... due to the trait of the wine stopper for high and low temperature resistance from -40℃ to +280℃

The color of wine cork will never fade during the process of wash or disinfection.

Wine stopper

The color, logo, inner packaging can be customized according to your requirements.

In addition, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement in advance with you to reduce the competitiveness of the products in your market to maximize your profit, and then our senior development designers will assist you for free to complete the design draft if you want to customize your own products.


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