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Door knob wall protector

Model: YZF-711A

Material: Touchable Silicone

Size: 60*49*11mm

N.W./Pcs: 9.1g

Color: Customized

Package: PP bag + Colorbox / Customized

Pcs/Ctn: Customized

MOQ: 150 - 1000pcs

Delivery Period: 7 - 15pcs

Product Description

Have you following noise collision in daily life?

Have you following noise collision in daily life?

Affright you from sweet dream?

Newest wall damaged by the doorkob?

Door knob wall protector

So, we have developed out the door knob wall protector for reducing noice and buffering metope from damage which produced by food grade silicone that no irritants for skin, odorless, anti-corrision and good tenacity...

Door knob wall protector

Softness can be torsional randomly

3M adhesive can be sticked firmly without traces of glue

You can use electric hair drier to heat for intenerating glue before tearing off. Meanwhile, hot towel dipped alcohol can be wiped residual glue on the wall neatly.

Installation precautions of wall protectors from door knobs:

Installation precautions of wall protectors from door knobs:

1) It can be heated with a hair dryer to increase the viscosity when used in winter

2) It is remommended to avoid baby tearing off due to curiosity when pasting

3) It is suggested to paste it for 24 hours before use in order to prolong the using lifespan of the product

Steps for usage of wall protector:

1. Tear off the anti-collision sticker

2. Ready to be glued to the wall behind the doorknob

3. After opening the door, the doorknob just hits the crash pad to protect the wall

Door knob wall protector

All kinds of collisions needed buffer with noise reduction as all we consider.

So, at the beginning of the design, we had taken into consideration that it must have a wide range of applications, such as: refrigerator door, handle door, door cabinet, cupboard, chair back and toilet lid...

Door knob wall protector

The thickened design with shock resistant and sucking cup of crash pads are better for protect walls.

Besides, the color and package can be customized according to your requirments for free charge by our senior desingers and developers.


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