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Table corner protector

Model: YZF-711C

Material: Touchable Silicone

Daisy Size: 48*48*20mm

Right Angle Size: 45*45*30mm

N.W./Pcs: 13.8g/11.5g

Color: Customized

Package: PP bag + Colorbox / Customized

Pcs/Colorbox: 5 - 6pcs

MOQ: 150 - 1000pcs

Delivery Period: 7 - 15days

Product Description

Table corner protector

Advantages of our crash pads are odorless, non-toxic, no irritation to skin, anti-slip, anti-slip, anti- oxidation, anti-chlorine corrosion, aging resistance, good airtightness, never deform when used and long lifespan.

It also has high and low temperature resistance from -40℃ to +280℃ and easy to wash by one flush under the faucet will be clean.

Besides, the color of crash pads will never fade under any using conditions.

Table corner protector

Thickened and elongated design of tables corner guards makes better protect the safety of the family. The amazing buffer is specially designed for babies, just for protect brains safety.

Table corner protector

Being with good softness and elastic tenacity, the table corner protector can be torsional at will. The stable physical properties can be restored to the original after torsion.

Table corner protector

This style of corner covers has good chemical resistance, making it less likely to stick to oil stains and easier to clean up stains. Furthermore, it can be sticked firmly without trace of glue.

Installation Precautions:

Installation Precautions:

A. It can be heated with a hair dryer to increase the viscosity when used in Winter

B. It recommended to avoid baby tearing it off by arousing curiosity when you're pasting

C. In order to prolong the product's lifespan that suggested to use it after 24 hours of pasting

Steps of Usage:

(1) Wipe the place to be pasted

(2) Tear off the 3M adhesive tape on the inside of the crash pad

(3) Match the angle to fit and press with force completely.

Table corner protector

There are not only used in doorknob's collision but also can apply to many place, such as: coffee table corner, cooker hood corner, table corner, bed corner, bookcase corner and cabinet corner...

Especially, exposed corners of tables in life may cause harm to babies who learn to walk with prone to bumps and bumps.

The color and package of crash pad can be customized according to your requirements.


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