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Anti-lost toddler fork and spoon

Model: YZF-316

Material: FDA Silicone + 316 Stainless Steel

Size: 110*33mm

N.W./Pcs: 180g

Color: Customized

Package: PP bag + Colorbox / Customized

Pcs/Ctn: 88pcs

Ctn Size: 53*33*29cm

G.W.: 13kg

MOQ: 150 - 1000pcs

Delivery Period: 7 - 15days

Product Description

Anti-lost toddler fork and spoon

The handle is round, smooth and anti-sip. Furthermore, the spoon body and fork tines are going through exquisite process of deactivation.

So, totally say, it is not only just fits baby's small hands very good but also rest assured mother's heart safely.

Dismountable equipments explanations:

Dismountable equipments explanations:

1. Safety shield: Protect baby's throat from entering too deeply

2. Stable structure: The spoon head does not touch the table to avoid cross infection

3. Suction cup: Need to adsorb on smooth surfaces

4. Silicone straps: Anti-drop

5. Silicone Shield: Can be disassembled separately for using.

Installation method:

Installation method:

1. Pass the chain through the small hole of the suction cup

2. Put the hanging object in the grip

3. Press the snap fastener to fix up

4. Press suction cup on the smooth wall tightly

The other usages of suction cup and chain:

The other usages of suction cup and chain:

1) Hang up milk bottle;

2) Hang up toys;

3) Hang up shoes;

4) Hang up any you can imagine stuffs...

Suitable for babies over 12 months.

Suitable for babies over 12 months.

Can be used alone with teethers and toys.

The forks and spoons made of FDA grade liquid silicone integrally forming which is anti-slipped, anti-corrosion, high or low temperature resistant, original colors never be afraid of fade, odorless, no deformation, nice tenacity, compeletely eco-friendly and has excellent dielectric insulating properties.

The convenient parts can be seen from photos.

The convenient parts can be seen from photos.

Easy to clean, just needs one flush under the faucet.

Can be disinfected by placing in high temperature boiling water, microwaven oven and ultraviolet radiation. Besides, it can also put in the refrigerator for storage.

Anti-lost toddler fork and spoon

Colors can be customized according to your requirments or pick up numbers from the international Pantone Card.

Besides, we have 4 senior designers working in our factory who are professional at designing silicone products and they work very efficiently since 2013.

So, no matter of packaging or customized new products will be a free choice for you to save a lot of time and bankrolls.


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