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Baby bibs

Model: YZF-330

Material: FDA Silicone

Size: 230*290mm

Pcs/N.W.: 104g

Color: Customized

Package: PP bag / Customized

Pcs/Ctn: Customized

MOQ: 150 - 1000pcs

Delivery Period: 7 - 15days

Product Description

Baby bibs

The baby bib made by platinum vulcanized silicone that meets US FDA food contact standards. Compared with plastics, silicone material has many advantages, such as: no containing harmful substances, no stimulation to baby's skin, odorless, degradable, anti-corrision, good tenacity and long lifespan more than 10 years...

Maybe some baby bibs get you into troubles before going to purchased, such as: cut corners, underweight, flat opening. However, ours are slant big opening and 3D designed in back that act genuine any foods can't leak out to make clothes dirty.

Ergonomic parts of baby bibs explained:

Ergonomic parts of baby bibs explained:

1. Streamline designing fits with belly

2. Neck position thin and soft, comfortable wearing for babies.

3. Thickened and stiffened

4. 3D Arc shaped, just for better fit the baby's belly

Those excellent designs above make the baby eats without restraint or uncomfortable.

Baby bibs

Enlarged the diameter of mouth can really hold the residue without falling outside easily.

The bottom 3D leak-proof pocket groove is suitable depth which is easy to catch the falling food, don't worry about getting dirty clothes.

Baby bibs

The designing four gears are adjusted according to the size of baby's neck and thickness of clothes in different seasons and arc transitions smoothly without strangling the neck.

The button won't be falling off automatically which is easy to put on and take off.

Baby bibs

The baby bib are very easy to wash that just needs 1 flush under the faucet will be clean and have great properties of oil-proof, waterproof, quick-drying fast and clean as new one.

Baby bibs

It's suitable for babies of the age of 8 months to 5 years old.

Baby bibs girl are soft for easy to roll and the small size after rollings is portable to be taken any where. Besides, the weight of the bib is about 100g which is only equivalent to the weight of a lemon.

Baby bibs

The 4 senior designers have worked in our factory for more than 10 years.

What they do are developing 3-4 styles new products per month based on the results of investigating product markets and helping our clients maximize profit strenuously in the designing field for free.

Therefore, no matter of you want to cutomize a new product of your own or just only want to customize your own color, logo and package are totally welcome!


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