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Baby cultery set

Model: YZF-318

Material: FDA Silicone

Long Spoon Size: 150*20mm

Short Spoon & Fork: 90*25mm

N.W./Pcs: 27g/24*2g

Color: Customized

Package: PP bag + Colorbox / customized

Pcs/Ctn: Customized

MOQ: 150 - 1000pcs

Delivery Period: 7 - 15days

Product Description

Baby cultery set

Every babies has to experience breast milk or milk powder before transits to process of auxiliary feeding food so that the amount added should be from less to more.

Besides, food should be thin to thick from liquid to semi-liquid before solid food.

Baby cultery set

Therefore, choose a set of handy baby cultery set is very important, not only does it save mother's plenty of time but also reduce greenhand mother's discomfort or frustration during the feeds for the first time.

Baby cultery set

Long handle streamlines fits baby's hands with comfortable feeding distance.

Integrally forming makes using lifespan more than 10 years and won't be worried about dirt or mildew.

Baby cultery set

Slightly upturned body gradually deepening can hold liquid food well to prevent spillage.

Baby cultery set

The spoon head depth less than 30mm to avoid too deep entrance

Baby cultery set

Soft spoon body without hurting mouth gives baby's gentle safety experience when happily have meals

Baby cultery set

The end of leaves imply mutual cuddling parent-baby relationship which express the deep love of the feeder.

Baby cultery set

Baby can be sat and wants to grab the spoon from mother's hand after 7-8 months that means the first stage of auxiliary feedings maybe over, however, please don't interrupt baby's awareness of wanting to eat independently at this time resulted from that baby wants to use its tongue to open buds and please eat some slightly viscous fruit puree or yogurt.

So, a safe set of mouth-sized silicone spoons can be prepared for baby for constantly encourage good habits of exercising.

Baby cultery set

Smooth and rounded handle for baby easily to grasp with small hands, so cool!

Baby cultery set

Should be eaten by dipping & clicking, not greedy and overeating during the assistant baby feed food.

The shallow mouth doesn't worry about chocking too much.

Can lick, can bite, let baby experience the fun of mealing.

Baby cultery set

The dismountable baffle designs which be tested to adjust baby's throats for 50,000 times.

Enlighten your baby combinated at will during the mealings.

Baby cultery set

Stall mouth designs put anywhere at will.

It also can avoid across-contamination casued by the spoon body touching tables.

The Smooth fork tips help baby exercise to fork some soft fruits.

Mutiple disinfection methods of:

Mutiple disinfection methods of:

Can be put in boiling water to sterilize;

Can be put in the steam engine for disinfection;

Can be disinfection under the ultraviolet radiation.

Baby cultery set

Appropriate size tested more than 10,0000 times to make baby use more safety and convenient.

Can be separate choose to purchase no matter one of them or a set.

Baby cultery set


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