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Shark plates with suction

Model: YZF-325A

Material: FDA Silicone

Size: 212*190*64mm

N.W./Pcs: 95g

Color: Customized

Package: PE bag / customized

Pcs/Ctn: 30pcs

Ctn Size: 45*60*30cm

G.W.: 11kg

MOQ: 600pcs

Delivery Period: 15days

Product Description

Shark plates with suction

Have you met such horrible situations?

Overturning the bowl often, ultimately, seems like a cat face?

Inconvenient to bring a spoon, easy to lost?

Multiple plates being inconvenient to hold?

To avoid knocking over the bowl, the newest style meal plates for baby introduced to you: resonable designs, strong sucking, food grade silicone and can be hot or regrigerated.

The mushie silicone suction plate is integrally formed designs:

The mushie silicone suction plate is integrally formed designs:

Seamless connection,

No dead corners,

Eco-friendly care for baby's health,

Easy to clean (Just one flush will be clean) and sterilize to prevent bacterial growth.

Shark plates with suction

It's very essential to choose a bowl for baby of 10 months resulted from that baby will habitually snatch tablewares from adults while maybe eating will be a ceremonial.

Shark plates with suction

Arc large bowl margin design, deepen the food trough.

Reduce food spillage, carmly enhance the baby's sense of achievement in mealing.

Besides, this style silicone baby shark plate has passed the apparent patents that can be good for your market's sellings.

Shark plates with suction

The straws, fork and spoon made of 100% food grade silicone which means pure naturally eco-friendly, odorless and every sipping sucks is at ease.

Besides, it can be bear the temperature from -20℃ to +200℃ with the case that you have many methods to be disinfection, such as: UV, microwaver, disinfection cabinet...

Shark plates with suction

The strong sucking cup in the bottom can firmly absorb the smooth surface in order to avoiding to knock over the bowl when baby have meals.

The round and smooth inner corners fitted tablewares angles conveniently.

Compared with traditional tablewares, the flexibility of silicone material is better, even falls from a high place will not be worry about the damage to the bowl.

The detachable snapping straw makes any musy food can be easily to be drunk.

Shark plates with suction

There are many purchasing combinations can be chosen or you can tell us what you like combinations and we will satisfy you.

Meanwhile, the logo of yours can be engraved, colors and packages can be customized by our senior designers for free for miximize your marketing profit.


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